Nordic Environmental Technology Verification

Environmental Technology Verification


The European Union (EU) is planning to establish the framework for a European Environmental Technology Verification system (ETV). The objective of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is to accelerate market acceptance of innovative technologies by providing users with information about their performance, thereby substantially reducing uncertainty for purchasers and permitters.

NOWATECH description

NOWATECH will support the Nordic technology providers and users, as well as test center operators by establishing Nordic test centers and by informing on the market prospects of Nordic environmental innovations. The overall objective of the project is to support the Nordic environmental technology industry in both the home market and the global market by providing access to accepted and comparable verification data for their technologies.


28.03.2012 - AdvanceETV conference in Brussels 22-24. May 2012 - ETV in EU and internationally
To conclude the EU-project AdvanceETV a conference on ETV is held May 22 to 24 in Brussels. The conference will provide the status of the ETV program in the EU and the work on internationalization and will have speakers from USA, Canada, the Philippines and Korea. Together with the conference two worskhops will be held. One for organizations interested in becoming Verification or Test body under the EU ETV pilot programme and and one for companies who are interested in having their environmental technology verified. In addition a session is held 24. May on EU ETV as part of the Brussels Green Week, whose theme this year is The Water Challenge - Every Drop Counts.

Here is the entire conference programme and registration form.
For further information please contact Mette Tjener Andersson

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